Join us for our Big Pub Quiz

Pub Quiz

Saturday 26th August – Starting at 8pm.

Join us for our big pub quiz hosted by Olly Court from Quizzage. There will be cash prize for 1st place followed by a bottle of wine for second place. We will also be having a bonus game of ‘Higher or Lower’.

Entry is £2 per person with a maximum of 6 people per team. Spaces are limited so please sign up your team with a member of The Griffin staff or call us on 01787 476569.

Cheeseboards are also available for pre-order. £9.95 (based on two sharing)

Terms and conditions:
Quiz rules
The Quiz Masters decision is final. The use of mobile phones or other devices is not permitted during the quiz. A full list of quiz rules will be available on the night.

Higher or Lower Rules
A deck of 52 cards is used for the game (no jokers). The deck is shuffled, and twelve cards are placed in a horizontal line face down in front of each player.

The player then will guess the next face-down card in their line-up will be of lower or higher value than the previous card before flipping the card face up. If a guess is incorrect, the player must remove all face-up cards from their lineup to a discard pile. New cards will then be placed in a line ready for the next player.

Instant loss rule
An instant loss will occur when a player encounters duplicate cards. For instance, if a player sees an ace and states the next card will be of higher value to find the next card also is an ace, that player loses because the card is not of greater or lower value. Players should decide whether this rule is in effect before the game begins.