Join us for a game of music Bingo

Join us for a game of music bingo

Join us for a game of Best of British Music Bingo! It’s £2 to play and all proceeds will be donated to the Essex Air Ambulance. There will be 3 prizes given, ranging from a cheeseboard at our next Cheese and Jam night, to a cheeseboard for two and bottle of wine.

We will also be doing a special round of ‘Higher or Lower’. Raffle tickets are £1 and the winner will be drawn at random and have a chance to play for the jackpot. If the player does not successfully win the round of ‘Higher or Lower’ another player will be selected and so on until the jackpot is won.

Terms and conditions:
Bingo Rules
When you hear a song that is on your card simply mark off that square
Contestants are playing for: 4 corners, a horizontal line or a full house.
All songs marked on the card must have been played, to validate the call
There are limited songs in the playlist, once this playlist is finished, that signals the end of the game.
In a result of a duplicate claim the prize is shared.
If you have a claim simply shout ‘Rock & Roll’ and make yourself known to the host
The hosts decision is final.

Higher or Lower Rules
A deck of 52 cards is used for the game (no jokers). The deck is shuffled, and twelve cards are placed in a horizontal line face down in front of each player.

The player then will guess the next face-down card in their line-up will be of lower or higher value than the previous card before flipping the card face up. If a guess is incorrect, the player must remove all face-up cards from their lineup to a discard pile. New cards will then be placed in a line ready for the next player.

Instant loss rule
An instant loss will occur when a player encounters duplicate cards. For instance, if a player sees an ace and states the next card will be of higher value to find the next card also is an ace, that player loses because the card is not of greater or lower value. Players should decide whether this rule is in effect before the game begins.