Adnams Distilling

If you wonder what we like to do on our days off ….

On Monday, 10th February, Shelly and I  ventured to Southwold. We spent the morning touring the brewery with Bob, the engineer responsible for overseeing the installation. Technical questions are his specialist subject!
After a leisurely lunch with Delyth, our account co-ordinator, we headed for the Distillery. That’s where the fun really begins! A quick look around the technical kit, then we’re given 40 botanicals to choose from, a mini-still and let loose!
Shelly decided to use herbal botanicals, whereas I picked all of the girly ones … chocolate, orange, angelica, vanilla. Both smell fantastic, but they suggest that the flavour will improve if we wait a while …. at least until we get home!!!
Seriously, a fantastic day out. If you like gin and anyone asks you  what you’d like as a gift, ask for an Adnams Make Your Own Gin Experience.
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