Bishop Nick Brewery Team Visit Griffin Beer MALTS

January’s meeting of the Beer MALTS was a special evening as Bishop Nick’s brewer and owner Nelion Ridley bought his team comprising of George, Libby and Keith along to the Griffin.

The reason for the visit was to celebrate the fact that one of Bishop Nick’s ales had won the inaugural Griffin MALTS Beer of the Year competition.

The winning beer is Heresy, at just 4.0%, a refreshing golden ale which won having achieved an average score of 14 out of a possible maximum of 15 from all the drinkers that tasted it.

The Bishop Nick team joined all those present for January’s tasting and whilst enjoying the excellent selection of beers, Gilly thanked them for coming and presented Nelion with a certificate and a polo shirt to commemorate the occasion, as well as announcing that a shield would be on show at the pub recording this and future beers of the year.

Gilly also mentioned that Bishop Nick’s beers has also won Beer of the Month on 3 other separate occasions, underlining how exceptionally popular the Braintree based brewery is with the Griffin’s ale lovers.

Nelion took the opportunity to thank everyone for the award, saying that he looks forward to sending his new beer creations to the Griffin for us to enjoy.

The Griffin Beer MALTS meet on the third Tuesday of every month at 7.30 to try, discuss and enjoy up to six different beers. The cost is £5 per person and everyone is welcome. Why not come along and help us choose the Champion beer for 2015?