Elgoods Brewery Trip

We all arrived bright and early at The Griffin car park to start out trip to the North Brink Brewery, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

All thirty of us piled on to the coach for a briefing and an introduction. Half-way there we had light refreshments in the form of a boxed cider courtesy of Vince and we soldiered on to Elgoods Brewery.

When we arrived we were greeted by one of the head brewers and a member of the Elgood family to take us on the tour. After learning about the importance of cleaning the casks, we were taken to the first room in the brewery, which although tight for space, all of us squeezed in. We learnt about the mash pot that dates back to the original brewery in the 1700’s. However, due to it’s age it turns out that it has a modern equivalent hidden inside the original. After meeting the brewery cats we were shown the copper still, which was renovated in the 60’s.

After that we moved to the tank room and the fermenting vessels and found out about the importance of quality control. The last stop was the packing room where the finished product is stored and distributed from.

So after the tour it was on to the tasting, the bit we were all looking forward to! At the bar we sampled three Elgoods’ beers; Cambridge Bitter, Black Dog and Spring Challenge. They were all excellent and everybody enjoyed their share of each one!

In the gift shop everyone was able to purchase some of the beers we had sampled and had talked about, both at the bar and on the tour. The brewers were very helpful and gave excellent taste notes.

While enjoying a few beers we got to tour around the wonderful grounds and gardens of the brewery, here you could take your pint and sit by the pond, stroll through the maze or sit and enjoy the picturesque setting and beautiful weather.

Then it was on to a local Elgoods pub where they had a good selection of Elgoods beers available and laid on a plentiful buffet, which was enjoyed by all of us and helped to soak up the beer in order for us to board the coach back to The Griffin.

So, to summarise, it was a very enjoyable, informative and well presented tour with first class beer!

Highly recommended and not to be missed.