Griffin Beer Festival

There was a moment when we wondered whether if we organised a beer festival at The Griffin, would anyone come?
That moment was officially measured (on our wind-up clock!) to be a nano second, until Shelly jumped into the breach and assured us that he would drink anything that was left!
That was decided then!
From the moment the marquee and bar was up until the last drop was drunk on the Monday, we had great beers, great fun and great company.
Breweries were keen to find out how their beers were enjoyed and who would sell out first? St Austell Liquid Sunshine, but the beer voted overall Beer Of The Festival was Bishop Nick’s Heresy by a clear margin.
Some of the new breweries showcased were so good that we will be seeking more of their beers in the very near future. Notably Hogs Back, Round Tower, Havant and Beartown.
On Friday night, the legendary (and lovely) Robbie Gladwell and Ashley Bartlett entertained us, and they really enjoyed the gig, with about 450 of us at the festival that evening.
Lots of smiley, happy people having fun all weekend …. Let’s do it again soon!