Griffin Malts May Tasting Tantalised Tastebuds with Teutonic Tipples!!

Following on from last year’s Belgian beer night, the Griffin MALTS once more looked to Europe for its latest tasting In May when we tried a selection of different German bottled beers.

When drinkers think of German beers they generally know of pilsners and golden lagers, but there is far more to German beer than this. The beers sampled on this occasion came from across the country from Cologne in the north all the way down to one brewed in a monastery in southern Bavaria.

Styles tried included a cloudy wheat beer with its aromas of banana, bubble gum and cloves, through to a dunkel (dark) beer not unlike a strong mild in style which is brewed by a member of the Bavarian royal family.

The winner on the night was a Munich beer, namely Augustiner’s Edelstoff Helles (meaning light) which is golden, flowery and hoppy and very similar to what you would be quaffing from litre steins were you to visit the Oktoberfest.

Why not give the Griffin MALTS a visit? We meet on the third Tuesday of each month at 7.30 and for just £5, you get to try six beers and meet new friends.

We look forward to seeing you.

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